Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wanna Clolor

That's what Henry says when he wants me to get down the crayons so he can eat them.

Since we've decided to move forward with some of the other renovations before adding on the family room, I've been thinking a lot about our whole-house color scheme.

Our house is small {duh}, and so I've always been of the mentality that the colors of each room need to blend and flow {wall color especially}.

Right now, here is what our wall colors are {is it weird that I have them all memorized?  no?}:

Overall, I've been so happy with it.  I would recommend Fresh Linen a million times over.  We get compliments on it all the time.  It's a great warm-but-not-fleshy tan.  I'm not thrilled with the Urban Sunrise in the bathroom {it just doesn't have enough warmth}, but it works.

Now that we're doing some re-arranging, we'll need a new color scheme, which is awesome because I love changing paint colors.

In the new plan, our entry hall, hallway, and kitchen will all share walls.  So I'll need a color that works for all three.  I'd like to have a colorful kitchen, but not sure that I want a really colorful hallway.  I've tossed around the idea of colored kitchen cabinets, and it's just not for me, for several reasons.  One of the big reasons is that we have a dark grey granite countertop, and so the white cabinets just brighten up our windowless kitchen.

So back to wall color.  I'm drawn to these colors, though I'm not committed to any of them:
benjamin moore stonington grey

benjamin moore revere pewter

I'm obviously drawn to grays.  Since our granite and backsplash are gray-toned, I'm not sure that another neutral would look right.  Then I'm thinking I can add the 'fun' and color to the kitchen with accents and artwork.

Thoughts?  Any awesome paint color recommendations to pass along?

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